10+ Best Google Adsense Alternatives

You must be one of those among whose Google Adsense account got banned or your website is blocked from displaying Google Ads. Don’t worry since there are many more alternatives.
So far many of us were using Google Adsense but nowadays it’s very hard to approve with strict policies and you are most likely to get banned if you missed a single TOS.

Adsense Alternatives

Here is the list of 10+ best Google Adsense alternatives.

1. Chitika: It is the best Google Adsense alternative because it’s similar to Google Adsense and its second largest ad network. It brings search targeted ads. Minimum payout is $10 via PayPal and $50 via cheque and payout time is Net 30.

Setup Yii Web Application Framework in Localhost

Yii (Yes It Is) is a free, open-source web application development framework. It’s a high-performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications.

Here are the steps to setup Yii web application framework in localhost. It’s tested on Windows 7 Home with XAMPP server, might be similar on WAMP.

Step 1: Download Yii Framework from their website.
Extract the zip, rename the folder as ‘yii’ and put it in your XAMPP’s htdocs folder.

Step 2: Go to My Computer -> Properties ->Advanced System Settings-> Environment Variables
On System Variables, scroll to find ‘Path’ variable, select it and click ‘Edit’
Add ‘;F:\xampp\php;F:\xampp\htdocs\yii\framework’ at the end and Click Ok.
Here ‘F:’ refers to the drive where XAMPP is installed.

Hide Candy Crush Saga notifications from your Facebook Timeline

Undoubtedly Candy Crush Saga is the most popular puzzle game in Facebook. Everyone loves to play this game but they are unaware that this app will automatically post on behalf of you when you complete a level, mix special candies etc. Your friends might get annoyed because of such continuous posts.

Candy Crush Saga

Here is a simple process to hide Candy Crush Saga notifications from your Facebook Timeline.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account, then from top right setting option choose ‘Account Settings
Step 2: Click on ‘Apps’ from the left sidebar.
Step 3: On this App settings page look for ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and click ‘Edit

Avira Free Antivirus Offline Installer Download

Avira Free Antivirus is one of the best and widely trusted Antivirus software. The free version provides the basic protection but only problem is nagging advertisements.

When you visit Avira’s official website to download the free version, it will download online installer file of about 2MB, which is not useful where there is no internet connection or poor internet connection.

To download the Avira free antivirus offline installer, follow this link.

Scroll down, then you will see ‘Avira Free Antivirus 2013 (without internet connection)

Click the Download arrow button on the right.

Enjoy !!

10+ Popular Code Sharing websites

Code sharing websites also known as Pastebins allows users/developers to share the snippets of the information/code. Such codes might help fellow developers or the developers himself get help from others. These websites comes useful when user can not send the files directly.

Code Sharing Websites

Among a lot of code sharing websites but here are 10 popular ones.

1. GitHub Gist: It’s the most popular one with the developers. It provides simple way of sharing codes and provides versioning too.

Free and Popular Sass Compilers

What is Sass?

Sass is abbreviated form of Syntactically Awesome Style sheets. It’s similar to CSS but with lots of features. It is an extension of CSS that adds nested rules, variables, mixin functions, and a whole lot more. It eases the burden of organizing and maintaining CSS code, while also compiling your Sass code to properly formatted CSS.

Sass Compilers

Here are some of the free and popular Sass compilers.

1. Ruby Installer: It’s a self-contained Windows-based installer that contains a Ruby language execution environment, a baseline set of required RubyGems and extensions. Download and Install the required version. Its command line based.

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