Simple jQuery popup on page load examples

Sometimes people need to show some important information or Facebook likebox or advertisement or newsletter signup on popup when the website loads, without opening in a separate window. This can be achieved using the jQuery. Further these popup should not be popping every time the user browses various pages from the same website. So to prevent this we can use cookie or session check.

jQuery Popup

Here are two jQuery popup examples that will automatically loads on website visit.

1. First one uses PHP session to load it only once during the total browsing session, to see the popup again in action, close the browser and visit the demo link.

15 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Many of us are using WordPress, a most popular blogging system. They are also being widely used for Content Management System (CMS). So it’s essential to have security measures to protect your website from hackers, spammers etc. This can be easily done by adding some of the best WordPress security plugins.

WordPress Security Plugins

Here are some of the them that you don’t like to miss.

1. Crazy Bone: It tracks user name, time of login, IP address and browser user agent.

5 Free online tools to check website performance

Today’s visitors prefer fast loading websites. Their chance of leaving the page is directly proportional to loading time. Most of the visitors want the website to load below 5 seconds. Visitors spend less time in slow websites. Slow loading websites which are not optimized properly have adverse effect on search engines. Optimized websites can minimize CPU and bandwidth usage. Google has also included site speed as one of the metrics of search ranking algorithm.

Here are some free online tools for developers/site owners to check their website performance.

1. Pingdom


Best PHP Frameworks 2013

PHP Frameworks provides architecture (MVC) to create applications. It helps to speed up application development process.
After reading the views of many programmers, I made a conclusion that none of the PHP Frameworks satisfies all the programmers/applications needs.

Each Framework has its own features and it should be chosen as per the needs. Like some are good for small application while some are best suited for large. You should check their database support, community support and documentation while choosing one.

Disable WordPress Theme and Plugin updates

WordPress users get frequent notifications on themes and plugins updates. These updates come with enhancement in current one or some bug fix. So it’s wise to be updated regularly but be cautious on the compatibility issues.

Disable WordPress Themes Plugins
In some cases the updates causes problem, if you have modified the theme as per your requirement or you have edited the plugin.

If you are a WordPress developer then use this manual method of disabling theme updates.
Change the version value like ‘Version: 1.0.1’ on your theme’s style.css file to very high value like ‘Version: 50.0.1’

10+ Free EPUB eBook Readers

According to Wikipedia, EPUB (Electronic PUBlication) is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). They have the files with the .epub extension.

Free EPUB Reader
They are getting very popular nowadays and almost all new and old books are available in electronic format.
Here are some of the best eBook readers. Some of them also support other eBook formats like .mobi too.

1. EPUBReader: EPUBReader is a Firefox addon which enables you to read ePUB files from the browser without any further installation of any software. When ePUB files are download, it will process them and makes ready to read. If you have already obtained the ePUB files, open it from “File -> Open” or CTRL+O or Drag the file and Drop in Firefox.

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