10 Very Useful WordPress CMS Plugins

WordPress is no more just a blogging system. You can easily customize WordPress with themes and plugins to make it a perfect Content Management System. You can create custom theme or choose from a lot of freely available themes or just buy one; likewise most of the best plugins are freely available.

WP CMS Plugins

Here are some of the very useful WordPress CMS plugins.

1. Adminimize: This will let you hide ‘unnecessary’ items from the WordPress backend and many more.

2. Types – Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Management: This will let you customize the WordPress admin by adding content types, custom fields and taxonomy.

10 Online sources for free eBooks download

An eBook (Electronic Book) is an electronic version of a printed book. It has text, images, links etc. They are produced and published electronically and readable on computers or other electronic devices like mobile, tablets etc.

Here are some of the online sources for free eBooks download in pdf, ePub and mobi formats.

1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

It has over 42,000 free ebooks in ePub, kindle format. You can download them or read them online.

2. FreeBookSpot


It has pdf eBooks under a lot of category.

3. Free-eBooks


Reduce audio mp3 file size by lowering the bitrate

You might have faced some problems like; you want to store more songs in your mobile phone’s memory but mp3 audios are big in size or you want to send some audio files as an email attachment but taking long time to upload and sometimes error in uploading or you want to save some space in your hard disk. This problem can be solved reducing the audio file size by lowering the bitrate.

For this here is two of the small sized and free bitrate converter software that will reduce audio mp3 file size by lowering the bitrate.

30 Useful WordPress plugins you might be missing

There are lots of WordPress plugins from various developers which are making website development using WordPress very easy and quick. Nowadays, one can easily get a plugin for each specific requirement.

Very Useful WP Plugins

Here I’ve collected some of the highly rated and useful WordPress plugins you might be missing. The plugins listed here are not necessarily a must have for every WordPress website but might be essential for some specific purposes like calendar, menu, slider, popup etc. Just go through the list and use them as required.

1. Velvet Blues Update URLs: It updates all urls and content links in your website. Useful while changing domain.

Use MSConfig to disable startup application or process on Windows

MSConfig aka System Configuration is a Microsoft Windows system utility for troubleshooting various problems related to startup processes. It has the power to disable/re-enable software/drivers/services that will load on startup.

When you install any software, some of them will load some services on startup like Java, Adobe Reader etc will load updater; application like Skype, Yahoo Messenger will set them to load on each startup. When a lot of applications are running in startup, booting process will be slower as well as the overall performance of the system will be downgraded. So it’s always better to load only security related and some very essential softwares on the startup.

Convert multiple images or any files as PDF easily

If you are looking for a way to convert single or multiple images into PDF file or word document, text file into a PDF file, then it’s possible using the logic of Virtual Printer. A Virtual PDF Printer is just a software application that will allow exporting the printed file into PDF format.

To enable a Virtual PDF Printer just download doPDF and install. It’s a freeware.

To convert multiple images into a single PDF file.

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