10+ Popular Code Sharing websites

Code sharing websites also known as Pastebins allows users/developers to share the snippets of the information/code. Such codes might help fellow developers or the developers himself get help from others. These websites comes useful when user can not send the files directly.

Code Sharing Websites

Among a lot of code sharing websites but here are 10 popular ones.

1. GitHub Gist: It’s the most popular one with the developers. It provides simple way of sharing codes and provides versioning too.

2. Pastebin: It’s probably the most popular and oldest one. It supports a lot of languages. It has 3 types of membership (Guest/Free/Pro) with some limitations for each of them. This application is available for various browsers and mobile devices too.

3. tny: It is known as TinyPaste. It’s nice and simple. It pays users for sharing pastes. It has guest or registration option and password protect facility.

4. Snipplr: It’s popular among web developers. It allows sharing and rating the snippets. Registration is required.

5. Paste2: It’s probably the simplest of all. Just type the code, submit to get a link and share.

6. Pastie: It has a clean user interface with solid syntax highlighting. It supports a lot of programming languages and no registration required, though it has option to make the paste public or private.

7. Ideone: It’s similar to pastebin. It’s an online compiler and debugging tool which allows to compile and run code online in more than 40 programming languages.

8. Snipt: It has option to make the code public or private. Registration is required.

9. Pastebin.ca: It allows the sharing of code like other. You can select your own expiration interval. You can easily remove the paste if required.

10. Pastebay: As the name sounds, it’s for uncensored text/code sharing. It also provides private pastebay with a subdomain.

Some of the others are SourcePod, CodeUpload, CodeTidy, MysticPaste, CodePad, dPaste etc.

These websites are very useful but some people are using in negative way by posting private, sensitive and illegal information. So everyone is requested to use them responsibly.

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