Use MSConfig to disable startup application or process on Windows

MSConfig aka System Configuration is a Microsoft Windows system utility for troubleshooting various problems related to startup processes. It has the power to disable/re-enable software/drivers/services that will load on startup.

When you install any software, some of them will load some services on startup like Java, Adobe Reader etc will load updater; application like Skype, Yahoo Messenger will set them to load on each startup. When a lot of applications are running in startup, booting process will be slower as well as the overall performance of the system will be downgraded. So it’s always better to load only security related and some very essential softwares on the startup.

1. Click Windows Key + R

2. Type ‘msconfig’ in the Run input box.


3. Select ‘Startup’ tab and uncheck unnecessary software to disable them. You can also disable unnecessary services from ‘Services’ tab.

MSCONFIG Startup Process

4. Click ‘Apply’ then ‘Ok’ and select either ‘Restart’ or ‘Exit without restart’

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