Convert multiple images or any files as PDF easily

If you are looking for a way to convert single or multiple images into PDF file or word document, text file into a PDF file, then it’s possible using the logic of Virtual Printer. A Virtual PDF Printer is just a software application that will allow exporting the printed file into PDF format.

To enable a Virtual PDF Printer just download doPDF and install. It’s a freeware.

To convert multiple images into a single PDF file.

1. Select the first image and then press hold CTRL key, while holding CTRL key select other images you need to include in PDF file. Note that first selected image will be on last page of PDF file.
2. Then right click on the image, select ‘Print’ from the options.
3. Now you will select ‘doPDF’ as printer, you can also choose paper size and quality.
4. Then click ‘Print’, choose the location to save PDF file and click ‘Ok’.

If you just want to convert a single image or word document or any printable file, then select the file and follow steps 2, 3, 4 from above.

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