15 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Many of us are using WordPress, a most popular blogging system. They are also being widely used for Content Management System (CMS). So it’s essential to have security measures to protect your website from hackers, spammers etc. This can be easily done by adding some of the best WordPress security plugins.

WordPress Security Plugins

Here are some of the them that you don’t like to miss.

1. Crazy Bone: It tracks user name, time of login, IP address and browser user agent.

2. BBQ: Block Bad Queries: It is a simple script that protects your website against malicious URL requests. BBQ checks all incoming traffic and quietly blocks bad requests containing nasty stuff like eval(, base64_, and excessively long request-strings.

3. Simple Login Log: It keeps a log of WordPress user logins, offers user and date filtering, and export features.

4. Better WP Security: It takes the best WordPress security features and techniques and combines them in a single plugin thereby ensuring that as many security holes as possible are patched without having to worry about conflicting features or the possibility of missing anything on your site.

5. Wordfence Security: It is a free enterprise class security plugin that includes a firewall, virus scanning, real-time traffic with geolocation and more.

6. BulletProof Security: It protects your WordPress website against XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking attempts.

7. Sucuri Security – SiteCheck Malware Scanner: It will check for malware, spam, blacklisting and other security issues like .htaccess redirects, hidden eval code, etc.

8. WP-Copyright-Protection: It will protect the content on your website. For most browsers: disables text copy, image copy and will keep your site out of an iframe.

8. Secure Image Protection: It will copy protect images, you can insert encrypted images with Domain Lock copy protected from right-click mouse-save, page-save, drag-n-drop and site grabbers.

9. Stealth Login Page: It protects your /wp-admin and wp-login.php pages from being accessed without editing .htaccess — the FIRST one that blocks remote bot login requests.

10. Anti-Malware (Get Off Malicious Scripts): It searches for Malware and other Virus like threats and vulnerabilities on your server and it helps you remove them.

11. NuCaptcha WordPress Plugin: It protects your site with a video CAPTCHA solution that provides better security and is easier to read for your visitors.

12. OSE Firewall™: It protects your WordPress-powered blog against hacking, virus and spam.

13. Limit Login Attempts: It will limit rate of login attempts, including by way of cookies, for each IP.

14. Restricted Site Access: It will limit access to visitors who are logged in or allowed by IP addresses and includes many options for handling blocked visitors.

15. Captcha: It allows you to protect your website from spam by means of math logic and you can use this captcha for login, registration, password recovery, comments forms.

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