5 Free online tools to check website performance

Today’s visitors prefer fast loading websites. Their chance of leaving the page is directly proportional to loading time. Most of the visitors want the website to load below 5 seconds. Visitors spend less time in slow websites. Slow loading websites which are not optimized properly have adverse effect on search engines. Optimized websites can minimize CPU and bandwidth usage. Google has also included site speed as one of the metrics of search ranking algorithm.

Here are some free online tools for developers/site owners to check their website performance.

1. Pingdom


Allows testing the load time of your web page, analyzing it and finding bottlenecks.

2. WebPageTest


Allows free testing of your website performance from various locations across the globe on different browsers. It provides details of web page testing with suggestions on the improvement area.

3. Page Speed

Google PageSpeed

Generates Page Speed score in the scale of 1-100. It gives details of page load with suggestion for optimization in different priority levels.

4. Web Page Analyzer


Allows calculating page size, composition, and downloading time and provides the suggestions for enhancements.

5. GTmetrix


It can help you develop a faster, more efficient, and all-around improved website experience for your users.

Another one important tool is YSlow, available as plugins for various browsers.

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