Disable WordPress Theme and Plugin updates

WordPress users get frequent notifications on themes and plugins updates. These updates come with enhancement in current one or some bug fix. So it’s wise to be updated regularly but be cautious on the compatibility issues.

Disable WordPress Themes Plugins
In some cases the updates causes problem, if you have modified the theme as per your requirement or you have edited the plugin.

If you are a WordPress developer then use this manual method of disabling theme updates.
Change the version value like ‘Version: 1.0.1’ on your theme’s style.css file to very high value like ‘Version: 50.0.1’

Another option is editing wp-config.php file, add the following constant somewhere between the codes.

/* Disable Plugin and Theme Update and Installation */

If you don’t like messing with codes then simply use another WordPress plugin.
If you want to disable theme updates, search for Disable WordPress Theme Updates  and install.
If you want to disable plugin updates then use Disable WordPress Plugin Updates

Though it’s not recommended to disable WordPress Core updates, if you like to disable them then use Disable WordPress Core Updates

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