Remove Skype username from login screen

Skype is the most popular instant messaging and video chatting application. It has one feature of saving username of logged-in users. Actually a separate folder for each user will be created to save all the data related to that particular user.

Sometimes you may use Skype from public computer and you don’t want your username listed there in the login list or your friends may use Skype from your computer and you want to remove them. Here is a simple way to get rid of this situation.

1. First open Run (Windows Key+R) then type %appdata%\Skype


2. Now you will see a folder with Skype usernames and other necessary folder/files.
The normal Skype usernames has the folder as their username. Since you can login with Microsoft account or Facebook account, their folder names start with facebook#3a for Facebook and live#3a for MSN.
3. Just delete the folder with username you want to remove and you’re done.

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