Sagoon, a Search Engine by Nepali IT professionals

Sagoon, ( based in Washington DC, has released the beta version of its new search engine for public testing.

The Internet is reaching more and more people every day. Millions of people visit it every second to contribute information or to search for it. Surfing the Internet has become a part of most everyone’s daily routine. There is an increasing demand to provide information on the Web in innovative and user-friendly ways, as well as to provide businesses the opportunity to flourish online in the most cost-effective manner. Sagoon was founded by two IT professionals Mr. Govinda Giri and Mr. Shiba Dhakal with the purpose of fulfilling these goals.

The key idea behind the Sagoon technology – “Random Vector Model” – is to promote semantic search over the regular lexical search to provide more meaningful information to users. This is done by analyzing the content of Web data and news documents to find out hidden similarities among them. The implementation of “semantic analysis” requires a series of algorithms and mathematical calculations.

Sagoon’s various services like Web search, News Search, Video Search, Directory and Classifieds search are novel approaches towards storing resources and information from all over the world. Sagoon is also in the process of developing other niche products with innovative business ideas and approaches which have not been seen on the market yet.

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  1. i like this site very much because it provide me faster than other site,so i love it .

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