High paying Google Adsense keywords collection

Certainly, Google’s AdSense is a fascinating revenue-sharing opportunity for small, medium and large web sites.

Using high paying keywords will definitely increase your income. These keywords payout ranges from $1-$100 per click on average.

The keywords are listed here:

Forex, Insurance, Laptop Computer, Drug Rehab, Equity Line Credit, Investing, Payperclick, Video Conferencing, Malpractice Lawyer, University Degrees Online, Online Banking, Canadian Pharmacy, Loans, Online Trading, Mortgages, Credit Cards, Debt Consolidation, Private Jets, Dental Plans, Car Insurance, Asbestos, Death Insurance, Life Insurance, Acne, Mesothelioma, Structured settlements, search engine optimization, affiliate programs, register domain, merchant account, domain registration, refinance, hard drive recovery, buy contacts, web hosting, merchant accounts, merchant account application, student loan, credit card application, point of sale software, broadband phone, video conference, video conferencing, wireless security camera, Email Hosting, Business Credit, Car Insurance, Wisconsin Mortgage, Cash Annuity, Wrongful Death, Sell Notes, California Mortgage, Texas Mortgage, Online Trading, IRA Rollover, Doctorate Degree, Credit Counseling, Master Degree, Term Life, Low Interest Credit Cards, Bankruptcy, Tax Attorney, Slots, Car Credit, Alcohol Treatment, Pay Day Loans, Accept Credit Cards, Adult Education, Cash Advance, Spam Filter, Anti Virus Protection, Life Insurance, Breast Cancer, Cell Phone Plans, SEO, Blue Cross, Homeowner’s Insurance, Structured settlements, VOIP, Acne, Debt Consolidation, Web Hosting Reseller, Dedicated Hosting, Consolidate, Consumer Credit, Rehab, Reduce Debt, Teeth Whitening, Web Host, Refinance Quotes, Private Jets, Equity Loans, Idaho Mortgage, Internet Broker, Casinos Online, Helpdesk Software, Drug Rehab, Investing, Bachelor Degree, Distant Learning, Poker, Online Banking, Free Credit Report, Adult Diaper, Casinos, Dishtv, Diabetes, Jet Charter, Lexington Law, Personal Injury Attorney, Blue Shield, Yellow Page Advertising, Spyware, Cheap Hosting, Server, Ameriquest Mortgage, Register Domain, Lawyer, Lasik, Cruise, Direct Mail, Cellular Phone Rental, Phone, directv, Windstar Cruise, College, prepaid legal, Travel Insurance, Need Money, Personal Domain Name, Depression, Transfer Money, Asbestos, Bextra, Viagra, Divorce, Work at Home, Online Marketing, Taxes, Weight Loss, Vioxx, Calling Cards, laser hair removal, consumer credit counseling, business web hosting, search engine marketing etc.

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  1. hi..Thanks for this post..Great info for increase my adsense.

  2. Shiva Khanal says:

    Thank You Very Much For Your List.

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  4. VRy interesting to read it :P :D

  5. what about food keywords? guess not!

  6. Thanks for the best selected keywords.

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